Luxury Vinyl Flooring

 Our Clever Click Luxury Vinyl Flooring is quick and easy to install giving you the natural beauty of wood and stone.

What is Clever Click Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Available in a range of both Wood and Stone designs, Clever Click is an easy-to-install technology which cuts installation time by half compared to traditional luxury vinyl flooring.

Clever Click technology removes the need for adhesive and lengthy room preparation, meaning your new floor can be installed in next to no time.

Clever Click is designed to work over existing flooring substrates including 
floorboards, concrete and tiles

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Why choose Clever Click?

Clever Click is designed to provide all the stunning detail and outstanding natural beauty of conventional wood and stone floors – but at an affordable price.

Simple yet stylish patterns, that capture the natural elegance of stone and wood, create a feeling of tranquillity in a room.

Inspired designs, combined with the practical advantages of wear-resistant vinyl, create floors that function effectively in any room or environment.

Our contemporary and classic designs ensure you’ll always find something to match your style.

Gives any space a warm atmosphere.
Adaptable to interior styles
Makes any space bigger and brighter
Natural palette so doesn’t date quickly
Dirt-repellent and low maintenance
Ideal for renovations

Clever Click Plus

Clever click is available in stone and wood effect tiles and provides a stunning, real stone or wood effect floor.

Clever Click easy connecting system
4.2mm solid panels
2m² (stone) or 2m² (wood) per box
Wear layer: ca 0.30mm

Colour options

Clever Click Plus

Clever Click Plus is also available in stone and wood effect tiles, but provides a thicker wear layer. The thick wear layer makes Clever Click Plus ideal for high traffic areas, including commercial spaces.

Clever Click easy connecting system
4.5mm solid panels
1.49m² (stone) or 1.76m² (wood) per box
Wear layer: ca 0.55mm

Colour options