SafetyGrass Rubber Matting

Durable, non-slip, impact absorbing matting for heavily trafficked and hazardous areas.

The non-slip, impact absorbing surface mat

SafetyGrass rubber matting is ideal for grassed sites and walkways requiring extra protection from heavy traffic and erosion – either laying on solid surfaces or disappearing from view on grassed areas.

Better: Affordable, maintenance-free and durable safety solution
Faster: Quick and simple to install and easily shaped around existing structures
Safer: Non-slip and impact absorbing
Manufactured from recycled rubber
Fully tested and compliant to EN 1177 and BS 7188
Low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

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Efficient Drainage

SafetyGrass allows grass to grow through 25mm holes while providing efficient drainage.
Mat sizes:
1m x 1.5m 23mm thick
2m x 4m 16mm thick

Weather Resistant

Hardwearing, resistant to all weather and extreme temperatures, SafetyGrass can be laid on flat or contoured surfaces, with little or no groundwork necessary. 

Once the grass has grown through, it can be cut with a conventional lawnmower.

Safety Protection

SafetyGrass is also ideal for safety protection on hazardous hard surfaces, providing a slip resistant, impact absorbing barrier.

Tech Mesh

30m x 2m

SafetyGrass Pegs

Cable Ties